For Parents

Faq's - for Parents

  • 1. Where is the housing?

    The housing will differ for each location ranging from shared apartments to student dorms. We provide housing that is secure and as centrally located within the city as possible.

  • 2. Will my child be safe?

    We prepare students for their time in their host city through pre-departure webinars and discussions about safety. We also guarantee 24/7 logistical, medical, and legal support through a dedicated team of on-location staff.

  • 3. What will my child be doing in their programme?

    Each programme is customized to each person; meaning your child may do different tasks than a student who held that same programme the year before. Most programs will be 30-40 hours a week and will include hands-on responsibilities.

  • 4. What is not included in the program tuition?

    The program tuition does not include transportation costs within the city, and any personal expenses.

  • 5. What if something happens before the beginning of the program and my child cannot make it on the program–will we get our money back?

    We have a refund policy in place for the other funds for the program. The timing of when the cancellation occurs before the program start date will determine how much money we are able to refund or transfer to a future program. If funds have been paid out for program costs like housing or insurance, those funds will most likely not be recuperated. Please speak with a Program Consultant or Program Advisor for more information.

  • 6. When will we know the name of the company that my child is interning for?

    Your Program Advisor will contact your child when a company has expressed interest in interviewing the candidate. Participants must go through the career development process with a Program Advisor.

  • 7. Is a part time program legitimate?

    Yes. Nova Varsity works with stakeholders in our host network, who also host our interns on location. They are international businesses who know our model and are familiar with hosting our students . They will work together remotely, via video conferencing, email, and chat to accomplish projects and tasks together. Similar to our full time program , Nova Varsity staff conduct a virtual site visit with students and check in on both parties throughout the experience.