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Your Partner in Global future skill courses

We welcome 2021 as we continue to build upon our mission of connecting employability and education through experiential learning. Let’s work together to shape the future of International Education.

Whether you’re looking to build a new international program from the ground up, or expand your program within an existing framework, Nova Varsity has the expertise to assist you in providing international program opportunities for your students.

We are committed to diversity, inclusion and belonging

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Why Partner with Nova Varsity

Nova Varsity designs customizable international programs that allow your students to step out of their comfort zone, gain insight into their industry of interest in an international work environment, meet industry leaders, and build their own professional networks.

Through these dynamic partnerships we are able to support individual student participation, custom programs and site visits. Along with university partnerships, Nova Varsity takes care of unique partnerships with organizations and industry leaders based across the globe.

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Top Benefits for your University

  • Attractive international profile to your degree offering
  • Prepare your students for the ultra competitive world upon graduation
  • Profile your university in the most exciting, fast-paced cities in the world
  • We bring our expertise with enormous outreach and have local staff in all our locations
  • Internships abroad allow students to expand their professional network
  • Students develop professional skills, language skills, and apply academic studies to practice

Programs at Nova Varsity for Universities

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International Student Buddy Program - Onsite

We recommend this service as it is all-inclusive: we provide program support, business workshop , team with international student, housing, cultural activities, visa support, company visits and Tech courses from top university , as well as on-site Program Coordinators living in the same housing as the International Student Innovation Programme students and available to assist them 24/7.

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International Student Buddy Program - Online

International Student Buddy Program - Online is a project-based experience that students can undertake from a remote location, without the need to be physically present. Students will be embarking on an international experience at no travel cost, completing their work without a commute and directly from their own laptop.

International Student Buddy Program - Online will prepare students for the future, allowing them to market themselves to future employers, prove their worth remotely, and kick-start their international career from anywhere.

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Custom Programs

Finally, we offer the possibility of creating a customized program. Depending on your needs, we can create a program with specific dates, inclusions, destinations, industries, activities, etc., provided that there would be a guarantee of at least 10 participants. Nova Varsity is able to offer exclusive prices on our services to all of our partner institutions.

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Faculty-led Programs

In the customised programs, there may be different types of faculty involvement:

Faculty Full time: Nova Varsity welcomes a faculty member for the whole duration of the program to either accompany the students, support students with orientations and check-ins, teach a course, lead the group or all of these reasons together.

Faculty Part-time: Nova Varsity welcomes a faculty member just for a period of the program, usually to supervise the program or as an extra support for the students. Facult